Q-1. What is the age limit for going Joy riding?

We accept children above 5 years and elders age upto their medical fitness. (According to our records we have given joyrides to people upto 70 years of age.

Q-2. How high one can go during a Joy ride?

The height depends primarily on the weather conditions. On a plain ground, we fly the paraglider upto a height of 1000 feet.If necessary, the flight can be terminated at any time and reach the designated landing area within minutes.

Q-3. It is scary to fly? Its my first time!

No, not at all, you will see that. The most wonderful thing about paragliding is that the flying speed is slow and the flight also feels very gentle. There are no sudden ups and downs or jerks of any kind. The take-off and landing is smooth.

Q-4. Do I have to run during launch and landing?

No you don’t have to run, you just have to sit comfortably in a seat. The undercarriage of the trike has wheels.

Q-5. What about people who have fear of heights?

It still does not matter. Once airborne, your comfort level goes up. In fact it may do good to people who have fear of heights. They may overcome their fear after a wonderful flight. Its just that simple.

Q-6. Can you demonstrate a joyride flight before I attempt to help me make up my mind?

We regularly take people for joyrides. You may join us at that time. Just give us a call to book a flight.

Q-7. What are the general instructions for a Joy rider?

Preferably, you may wear a pair of Jeans and a full sleeved T shirt or Salwar Kurta. No Sarees please. Get plenty of water and light food, since nothing is available at the flying site.

Q-9. Any other formalities before the flight?

We expect you to sign the Joyrider’s indemnity bond just before you take-off. It is expected that you read and understand the indemnity bond carefully and make an informed decision on the risk factor.

Q-10. Which is the best season for Joy ride flying?

The season for joyriding its depending on the weather conditions.

Q-11. How many days in advance is the booking accepted?

You may take a chance any time. But for a confirmed booking, at least 4 days in advance.

Q-12.. Is there any concession for a group booking?

Yes, depending on the number of people in the group, visit our packages.

Q-13. What are the risks involved?

Though we have not had a single accident so far in five years of joyride flying, but risks should always be assumed. After all its an adventure sport. However, we take all the safety precautions and if conditions do not permit we may not even launch or cancel the program. We use imported equipment and our pilots are knowledgeable and highly experienced. We do not take chances. So far we have conducted over 5000 joyride flights.

Q-14. Where do you conduct the joyride flights?

CHENNAI at ECR, near crocodile bank ….